Student Rights and Responsibilities

Lamar Institute of Technology, an open door institution, recognizes the rights of its students guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Texas. The Institute further recognizes and identifies students’ rights to equal access to all programs, information, freedom of speech, inquiry and assembly, to the peaceful pursuit of an education, and to the reasonable use of services and facilities of the Institute.

As a dynamic, learning-centered educational institution, LIT is committed to serving the educational needs and interests of our community. As a teaching and learning community, relationships among students, faculty and staff are marked by mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s roles and responsibilities.

Further, LIT strives to maintain an educational environment that supports the academic, professional, and/or personal development of all members of the community and identifies responsibilities assigned to students as members of the learning community.

LIT has established a “Statement of Student Rights” and a “Statement of Student Responsibilities” to educate students about the manner in which they are to pursue their own educational objectives as well as support the objectives of others. These statements identify the rights to which students are entitled through membership in the LIT learning community along with the responsible behaviors in which students should be engaged as members of the learning community.