Developmental Education

Program Coordinator: Joseph D.K.A. Agbeko

Office: Technology Center 112

Address: 855 E. Lavaca St., Beaumont, TX 77705

Phone: (409) 880-8885


The purpose of Developmental Education is to provide comprehensive courses in mathematics and integrated reading and writing that help students acquire the basic skills necessary to complete a college level course. Students may be required to complete developmental courses based upon their performance on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI). Performance on the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) placement tests will also determine which developmental education courses must be completed by a student.

Students who have not met the TSI requirements in two or more areas will not be allowed to take more than a total of fourteen semester credit hours (14 SCH) of developmental education and college level courses in a 16 week semester (Part of Term 1) or combination of semester parts of term (POT 2, 3, 4, 5). Students who are not TSI Complete must be enrolled in at least one (1) developmental education course each semester enrolled at LIT or until TSI Complete.

Certificate programs that require less than forty two semester credit hours (42 SCH) and are designed to be completed in a year or less are TSI waived, provided that no more than six semester credit hours (6 SCH) are earned outside the certificate plan. A TSI-waived certificate program may, however, require a student to pass certain parts of an assessment test as a prerequisite for required general education courses.

Students should contact the Learning Lab/Developmental Education Coordinator, 880-8885, for additional information.

Lamar Institute of Technology reserves the right to modify these guidelines if the rules established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board are modified.