Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Programs

Lamar Institute of Technology offers four degree/certificate paths in Criminal Justice : Associate of Science in Criminal Justice, Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice-Security Threat Groups, Certificate in Security Threat Groups, and Associate of Applied Science in Crime Scene Technician. Each degree helps students jump-start their careers with Federal, State, Local, and Private Sector jobs. 

The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice curriculum is designed for those students who wish to take courses for academic transfer in criminal justice. 

The 60 SCH Criminal Justice Security Threat Groups Associate of Applied Science Degree and the 24 SCH  Certificate in Security Threat Groups are designed to educate individuals about the world of street gangs, military gangs, drug cartels, and their relationships with organized crime and terrorist groups.

The 60 SCH Crime Scene Technician Associate of Applied Science Degree trains individuals to secure a crime scene and collect information and evidence essential to criminal convictions. 

All courses within the Criminal Justice programs must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.