Schedule Changes

All schedule changes, including but not limited to, section changes, adds, and drops should be approved by the department chair of the student’s major field. All changes are initiated by the completion of the proper forms available in the departmental office. Usually, a course may not be added after the first two days of the semester. Schedule changes made without departmental approval may result in a student being dropped from other courses.

Drop a Course

Students may drop a course and receive a grade of “Q” during the first six weeks (two weeks in a summer session) of the semester after consultation with their advisor and/or department chair. Classes dropped after the penalty-free period, grades are recorded as “Q” or “F,” indicating the student was passing or failing at the time of the drop. A grade of “Q” may not be assigned unless an official drop has been processed through the Records Office or Web for Students. A student may not drop a course within 15 class days of the beginning of final examinations or five class days before the end of the summer term. Students should check the published schedule for specific dates.


Students who want to withdraw during fall, spring, or summer semesters must complete a Withdrawal Petition. Students must clear all financial obligations and return all uniforms, books, laboratory equipment, and other materials to the point of original issue. However, if the student is unable at the time of withdrawal to clear financial obligations to the Institute and files an affidavit of inability to pay, the student will be permitted to withdraw with the acknowledgment that transcripts will be withheld and re-entry to the Institute of Technology as a student will not be permitted until all financial obligations are cleared. Copies of the withdrawal form signed by the student and by the department chair must be presented by the student.

The Finance Office, on application before the end of the fall, spring, or summer semesters will return such fees as are returnable according to the schedule shown under the “Fees” section of this catalog. If a withdrawal is made before the end of the sixth week (second week of a summer term) of if the student is passing at the time of withdrawal after the sixth week, a grade of “W” is issued for each course affected. A grade of “F” should be issued for all courses not being passed at the time of withdrawal after the penalty-free period.

A student may not withdraw within fifteen (15) class days prior to the beginning of final examinations during the fall or spring semesters or five class days prior to the end of a summer semester. A student who leaves without withdrawing officially will receive a grade of “F” in all courses and forfeit all returnable fees. Students should review the published schedule for specific dates for withdrawals.

Forced Withdrawal by Administrator

The Vice President for Student Services, on the advice of competent medical personnel, may require withdrawal or deny admission of a student for health reasons (mental or physical).